Geological map of Slovenia 1: 250.000

Stanko Buser; 2010

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Geological map of Slovenia 1: 250,000 was produced on the basis of the Basic Geological Map 1: 100,000. The production period was as long as 20 years, which is mostly due to poor fitting of the borders of some sheets. Therefore, a thorough field reambulation was necessary. Field work was supported by numerous analyses, such as conodont, nanoplancton, radiolaria as well as microfauna and macrofauna. The map consists of 114 lithostratigraphic units. Significant geological structures and regional faults are also shown. All data are captured in GIS environment, which simplifies their further use. During the reambulation process new data were acquired that are shown for the first time on this map.

ISBN 978-961-6498-15-9