Geological Map of Slovenia 1: 1.000.000

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The 1: 1.000.000 scale geological map of Slovenia is printed on A4 format paper. It was produced from 1: 1.000.000 interactive digital map of Slovenia, which was created within the frame of OneGeology Europe project and is currently available at the OneGeology Europe geoportal It is based on the Geological Map of Slovenia, scale 1: 250.000 (Buser, 2009), and upgraded with data from the geological archive of the Geological Survey of Slovenia and updated with new field data. The rocks are divided into 26 units according to a concept that slightly differs from the standard concept. One unit comprises rocks that originate in a certain geotectonic period and in a corresponding sedimentary basin. Rocks are not named individually, however such a concept makes it easier to follow the geological development of the area. Among tectonic features, the most important faults and thrusts are shown.

Because the map is digitally prepared, it can be used for various purposes. As it appears in a suitable standard format, the map can be easily included in different atlases, publications and presentations. The text is in Slovene and in English. The publication of the map was enabled by the Slovenian Research Agency within the frame of the Regional Geology research programme.

The map can be downloaded from the internet in a PDF format: PDF