Miha Brenčič & Walter Poltnig

2008, 30 x 21 cm

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During the construction of the Karavanke tunnel it became clear that waters flowing from the tunnel could represent an important source of water. In order to protect this source it was inevitably to widen the knowledge about its recharge area. Therefore, a cross boundary approach to inventory and description of water sources in the boundary region in the Karavanke was established within the frame of the Slovenian – Austrian Drau Commission. Coordinated hydrogeological research was conducted between the years 1990 and 2005. The research complied with the guidelines given by the Water Directive. In this book the authors describe the results of the research they conducted in the Karavanke over the 15 years period. The geology of the Karavanke is described in detail. Attached are the geological and hydrogeological maps of the Karavanke. The book is written parallel in Slovene and German and has an extensive English summary.

ISBN 978-3-85333-152-1

ISBN 978-961-6498-13-5

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