Our MissionGeological Survey of Slovenia

The Geological Survey of Slovenia provides information about the geological setting and natural resources of Slovenia and participates in the development of knowledge about past and present processes taking place in the Earth's crust. GeoZS collects, stores, and disseminates data about the geology of Slovenia and through international cooperation with its partners abroad extends its activities over the Slovenian borders.

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We invite experts to join us

The Geological Survey of Slovenia is looking for experts in numerical modelling, programming, 3D modelling, and spatial data management. If you have experience in the field and would like to be part of the dynamic environment of a leading research institution in the field of geosciences actively involved in international cooperation, we invite you to send your CV with a brief description of your development aspirations to info@geo-zs.si.



  • Geological Information Centre

    Geological Information centre collects processes and stores geoscientific data in a single information system and disseminates it to subscribers / users.
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  • Geological hazards

    Geohazard is a set of natural or anthropogenic geological conditions which can lead to damage or uncontrolled risk, thus posing as threat to life and property.
  • Geothermal energy

    Geothermal energy is a widely accessible renewable energy resource, which is being exploited through the use of thermal water or geothermal heat pumps. Thermal water is also used for therapeutic purposes.
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  • Regional geology

    The primary activity of the department is regional geological research and the production of basic and thematic geological maps at various scales.
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