Geological Information Centre 


The Geological Information Centre main task is to ensure the establishment and maintenance of a modern information system within which digital geological data are available to the authorities as well as general public.

Data infrastructure

The infrastructure of geological spatial data provides comprehensive information services on spatial geological setting as an initial, basic and key spatial parameter. Spatial data infrastructure complies with technical standards and protocols as well as issues regarding organisation and information policy, including data acquisition, data access policy and maintenance of geological information.

The establishment of geological spatial data infrastructure enables accessibility and interoperability of geological data at a national level for scientific purposes (analytical and information quality of digital geological data), public sector for the provision of administrative procedures and implementation of EU legislation (ministries that use spatial data) and economy (mostly in the area of land development – construction and exploitation of natural resources – water, energy and mineral). Quick access to up-to-date data enables enormous savings of time and money. High quality spatial data, which comply with spatial data standards, provide reliable information to end users, regardless of their being a scientists or business persons.

Data collected within scientific programmes and projects or during geological investigations for a customer, differ according to acquisition methodology and quality. Therefore, data standardisation according to the INSPIRE directive, is an important goal of the establishment of geological spatial data infrastructure, apart from data actualisation. The implementation of the INSPIRE directive at the GeoZS is being carried out within the frame of the infrastructure programme. The Geological Information Centre conducts the infrastructural programme financed by the Slovenian Research Agency.

Head of the organizational unit: Jasna Šinigoj

Activities of GIC

  • Establishment of geological spatial data infrastructure
  • Development, support and maintenance of
    • Geological data bases at a national level,
    • Internet and desktop applications
    • GeoZS digital library
  • INSPIRE directive:
    • Maintenance of data sets according to the INSPIRE data specification,
    • Maintenance of services,
  • Interchange/dissemination of public data and metadata according to the EU standards,
  • Keeping records of spatial data of the Geological Survey of Slovenia – catalogue of geological data,
  • Following the EU activities related to INSPIRE, WFD, WISE, GMES, DIMAS,
  • Development of geological data standards,
  • Implementation of digital spatial data control standards,
  • Digital cartography:
  • Development and maintenance of the GeoZS internet site
  • Research in the fields of GIS, spatial modelling, remote sensing and geohazard,
  • Cooperation with other national and international organisations.
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