Geological survey of SloveniaWho we are


The Geological Survey of Slovenia provides information about the geological setting and natural resources of Slovenia and participates in the development of knowledge about past and present processes taking place in the Earth's crust. GeoZS collects, stores, and disseminates data about the geology of Slovenia and through international cooperation with its partners abroad extends its activities over the Slovenian borders.

The experts of the GeoZS are involved in the research, expertise and development within the frame of public services for the Slovenian government and the EU. GeoZS gives expert support and advice for geosciences related applied projects. We actively cooperate with the Slovenian universities in pre- and postgraduate educational programmes.

GeoZS is involved in research activities at home as well as abroad through the association with similar institutions and thus participates in the development of geosciences. It ensures comprehensive availability and use of knowledge for the society and industry, transfer of scientific achievements into practice, popularization of science, spreading of scientific culture and information for expert and general public.