Velenje, 3–5 October 2018


Organised by the Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) and the Slovenian Geological Society (SGD) with partners: Velenje Coal Mine (PV), Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG), Slovenian Mining Association of Engineers and Technicians (SRDIT), International Association of Hydrogeologists - Slovene Committee (SKIAH), and Municipality of Velenje (MOV).


The Slovenian Geological Congress was, apart from exchanging new research results, also focused on the importance of geoscience for the wider society and its development. It fostered dialogue between scientists and professional geologists on the one hand, and end users of results on the other hand. In our opinion, this dialogue is essential for both fields to develop and is the foundation of an informed, knowledge-based society, Society 5.0.

Another goal of the Congress was to increase the visibility of geology as a basic natural science, and the cornerstone of all activities related to the management, supervision and planning of sustainable development or the transition to a circular economy, some of those being:

  • planning the sustainable use of mineral resources, groundwater and energy resources;
  • careful planning of infrastructure facilities, such as roads, pipelines, power lines, landfills, including hazardous and radioactive waste repositories;
  • assessing the environmental impacts of a wide range of spatial interventions;
  • estimating geologic hazards;
  • assessing the geothermal potential for planning the use of geothermal energy.

We also saw this Congress as an opportunity to make policy makers aware of the problematic current (unregulated) legal status of geological expert work. With a wide range of side-programme activities, we presented the mining industry and geology to the inhabitants of Velenje and its surroundings, highlighting their importance and bringing this issue closer to the general public.

In order to achieve these goals, we invited researchers, professionals from all fields of geosciences as well as geotechnologists, users (primarily representatives of competent ministries, directorates and agencies of energy, infrastructure, mineral resources, mining, water affairs, etc.), and students from Slovenia and abroad to take part in the Congress. The general public is welcome to attend the side programme, which took place in Velenje alongside the Congress.



The Congress covered all topical issues of a broad field of geology and applied geology:

  • engineering geology
  • geochemistry
  • geoethics
  • geohazard
  • geological heritage
  • geology of karst
  • geomechanics
  • geomorphology
  • geophysics
  • geotechnics and materials
  • GIS
  • hydrogeology
  • mineral resources and mining
  • mineralogy
  • paleontology
  • petrology
  • popularization of geology
  • presentation of projects
  • sedimentology
  • stratigraphy
  • structural geology
  • Quaternary geology



Slovene and English

Latest news

26.09.2018 - Wednesday

The best poster and best student presentations were announced. The list of congress side events and a map of venues are added to.

Participants, who will also take part in the GeoTEK and mayor's reception, are encouraged to register at the Hotel Paka on Tuesday, October 2nd between 17.15 and 19.15.

07.09.2018 - Friday

An updated Congress programme is published and the schedule of oral and poster presentations.

10.08.2018 - Friday

A List of received abstracts and Presentation guidelines are published.

19.06.2018 - Tuesday

The online application to the 5th Slovenian Geological Congress is closed and the submission of abstracts is no longer possible.

You can still sign up for the Congress by sending us a completed form to the e-mail, which you will find at bottom of the Congress website in the Registration tab. Registration without contributions will also be possible at the Congress in Velenje. Same registration fees as before apply to late applicants.

Due to the extended deadline for submission of abstracts, the date of sending the reviewed abstracts (those requiring corrections and/or amendments), notification of the mode of presentation (if your contribution was proposed for a presentation as poster due to the large number of received oral presentations) and the pro forma invoice for payment of the Congress fee.
You will receive all this by 26 June. Please do not pay the fee before receiving this message.

Congress venue

The Congress took place at the Hotel Paka, Rudarska cesta 1, 3320 Velenje.

Hotel Paka

Hotel Paka is a modern business and conference hotel located in the centre of Velenje. It has 52 rooms and 6 conference rooms equipped with modern technical facilities. It also has a restaurant, a café, a patisserie, free secure garage, free outdoor parking, four saunas, and a beauty salon.

Map of events – City of Velenje

Zemlevid Velenje

Map of events – city centre

Zemlevid mestno središče

Congress Organizing Committee

  • Matevž Novak, chair
  • Miloš Bavec
  • Miša Bizjak
  • Bernarda Bole
  • Staška Čertalič
  • Marijana Hrženjak
  • Tadeja Jegrišnik
  • Matija Križnar
  • Lidija Levičnik
  • Miloš Markič
  • Suzana Macolič
  • Marko Mehle
  • Kim Mezga
  • Darinka Pek Drapal
  • Ana Petkovšek
  • Nina Prkić Požar
  • Nina Rman
  • Saša Sevčnikar
  • Urša Šolc
  • Martin Tancar
  • Marko Zakrajšek
  • Petra Žvab Rožič

The Scientific Committee

  • Jure Atanackov, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Miloš Bavec, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Mojca Bedjanič, ZRSVN, Slovenia
  • Harald Biester, IGÖ, Germany
  • Mihael Brenčič, NTF UL, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Bogomir Celarc, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Renato R. Colucci, ISMAR CNR, Italy
  • Karmen Fifer Bizjak, ZAG, Slovenia
  • Luka Gale, NTF UL, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Špela Goričan, PIIR ZRC SAZU, Slovenia
  • Andrej Gosar, ARSO, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Mateja Gosar, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Uroš Herlec, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Petra Jamšek Rupnik, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Mitja Janža, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Mateja Jemec Auflič, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Miha Jeršek, PMS, Slovenia
  • Jernej Jež, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Tjaša Kanduč, IJS, Slovenia
  • Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Marko Komac, FGG UL, Slovenia
  • Tvrtko Korbar, HGI, Croatia
  • Adrijan Košir, PIIR ZRC SAZU, Slovenia
  • Sabina Kramar, ZAG, Slovenia
  • Marjan Lenart, PV, Slovenia
  • Janko Logar, FGG UL, Slovenia
  • Sonja Lojen, IJS, Slovenia
  • Miloš Markič, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Tamara Marković, HGI, Croatia
  • Matjaž Mikoš, FGG UL, Slovenia
  • Ana Mladenovič, ZAG, Slovenia
  • Giovanni Monegato, IGG CNR, Italy
  • Matevž Novak, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Tina Peternel, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Ana Petkovšek, FGG UL, Slovenia
  • Tomislav Popit, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Nina Rman, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Duška Rokavec, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Boštjan Rožič, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Dragomir Skaberne, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Martina Stupar, ZRSVN, Slovenia
  • Teodora Szőcs, MFGI, Hungary
  • Robert Šajn, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Jasna Šinigoj, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Andrej Šmuc, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Sašo Šturm, IJS, Slovenia
  • Mirka Trajanova, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Tomaž Verbič, Arhej d.o.o., Slovenia
  • Timotej Verbovšek, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Marko Vrabec, NTF UL, Slovenia
  • Nadja Zupan Hajna, IZRK ZRC SAZU, Slovenia
  • Manja Žebre, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Gorazd Žibret, GeoZS, Slovenia
  • Petra Žvab Rožič, NTF UL, Slovenia


Congress programme

Presentation schedule


Posters - Wednesday

Posters - Thursday

Contest for best presentations

Contest for best poster presentation

No application is required. All presented posters will be considered. The best poster will be awarded.

Evaluation commission: Luka Gale, Petra Žvab Rožič, Rok Brajković

Gift voucher of the shoe factory Alpina.
Announcement and award of the prize will take place at the closing ceremony, Thursday, 04. 10. 2018.

Contest for the best student presentation

No application is required. We will reward three best student presentations (lecture or poster) according to the selection of the evaluation commission.

Gift voucher of the shoe factory Alpina.
Announcement and award of the prize will take place at the closing ceremony, Thursday, 04. 10. 2018.

The list of received abstracts

(podčrtani soavtor bo predstavljal prispevek)
(the underlined is the presenting co-author)
Dietmar Adam The role of engineering geologists in geotechnical engineering vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Mashal Alawi, Horst Kämpf, Maria Börger, Patryk Krauze, Andrej Voropaev, Dirk Wagner, Nina Rman Microbiological and geochemical survey of mineral- and thermal waters of the westernmost part of the Pannonian Basin (SE Austria/NE Slovenia) poster
Jasminka Alijagić, Robert Šajn Ocena in modeliranje čezmejnega razširjanja onesnaženosti na poplavnem območju reke Drave predavanje
oral presentation
Ruth E. Allington Breaching the boundaries between Science and Profession - an imperative for geoscience in the service of society plenarno predavanje
keynote lecture
Jure Atanackov, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Igor Rižnar, Miloš Bavec, Lorenzo Petronio, Michael Cline, Michael Logan Cline, Richard Quittmeyer High-resolution seismic reflection surveys in the Krško basin predavanje
oral presentation
Jure Atanackov, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Bogomir Celarc, Matevž Novak, Anže Markelj, Blaž Milanič, Jernej Jež, Polona Zupančič, Barbara Šket-Motnikar, Martina Čarman, Mladen Živčić, Andrej Gosar Podatkovna baza in karta aktivnih prelomov in potresnih virov v Sloveniji poster
Werner Balderer, Fanny Leuenberger Comparison of main chemical composition of groundwater, mineral and thermal water originating of tectonic active areas from eastern Turkey, Azerbaijan and western Iran predavanje
oral presentation
Miloš Bavec, Michael Cline, Jure Atanackov, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Michael Logan Cline, Igor Rižnar, Mladen Živčić, Richard Quittmeyer Novejše geološke in seizmotektonske raziskave v Krški kotlini in načrtovanje zahtevnih infrastrukturnih objektov predavanje
oral presentation
Špela Bavec, Mateja Gosar, Harald Biester Geokemične raziskave v urbanem območju Idrije predavanje
oral presentation
Mojca Bedjanič, Darja Komar, Lenka Stermecki, Danijela Modrej, Gerald Hartmann, Sandra Zvonar Karavanke UNESCO Globalni Geopark za splošno javost predavanje
oral presentation
Harald Biester The role of hydrology for metal dispersion and risk assessment in polluted mining areas vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Vječislav Bohanek, Sibila Borojević Šoštarić Ongoing EIT RawMaterials projects of UNIZG-RGNF predavanje
oral presentation
Dominik Božič, Aleš Šoster, Matej Dolenec, Marko Štrok Rb-Sr radiometrična datacija pohorskega gnajsa predavanje
oral presentation
Branka Bračič Železnik, Barbara Čenčur Curk, Jerca Praprotnik Kastelic, Anja Torkar, Ajda Cilenšek, Primož Banovec Ali je mogoče umestiti rezervni vodni vir v urbano okolje? predavanje
oral presentation
Rok Brajković, Mojca Bednjanič, Nina Rman, Neža Malenšek, Matevž Novak, Petra Žvab Rožič Sistematičen pregled geoloških vsebin v učnih načrtih in učbenikih za osnovne šole in gimnazije predavanje
oral presentation
Dea Brunović, Slobodan Miko, Zoran Peh, Nikolina Ilijanić, Ozren Hasan, Tena Kolar, Martina Šparica Miko Micropalaeontological and geochemical characterization of Holocene sediments in coastal karst dolines under the marine influence (Island of Cres, Adriatic sea) predavanje
oral presentation
Ana Burger, Marko Tukić, Andreja Senegačnik, Duška Rokavec Spletna aplikacija Rudarska knjiga predavanje
oral presentation
Ina Cecić Potres 29. januarja 1917 pri Brežicah predavanje
oral presentation
Bogomir Celarc, Jernej Jež, Adrijan Košir, Marko Vrabec, Andrej Lapanje, Dejan Šram, Simon Mozetič Nove strukturno geološke ugotovitve na trasi 2. tira Divača-Koper predavanje
oral presentation
Sonja Cerar, Joerg Prestor, Brigita Jamnik, Primož Auersperger, Simona Pestotnik, Petra Meglič Napovedovanje trenda pojavov novodobnih onesnaževal v sledovih v podzemni vodi predavanje
oral presentation
Tim Cifer, Špela Goričan, Hans-Jürgen Gawlick, Matthias Auer Pliensbachijski radiolariji z Rettensteina (Severne Apneniške Alpe, Avstrija) predavanje
oral presentation
Michael Logan Cline, Jure Atanackov, Miloš Bavec, Michael Cline, Igor Rižnar, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Sally Lowick, Tammy Rittenour, Richard Quittmeyer Recent updates to the geochronological constraints in the Krško basin and surrounding region predavanje
oral presentation
Vitor Correia Societal challenges of the XXI century: putting geology at centre stage plenarno predavanje
keynote lecture
Blanka Cvetko Tešović, Maja Martinuš, Igor Vlahović Facies and biostratigraphy of the latest Maastrichtian to earliest Palaeocene platform carbonates of the Island of Brač (Croatia) predavanje
oral presentation
Teja Čeru, Ela Šegina, Martin Knez, Čedomir Benac, Matej Dolenec, Andrej Gosar Uporaba georadarja pri raziskavah brezstropnih jam predavanje
oral presentation
Vlasta Ćosović, Katica Drobne From (Neo)Tethys to Peritethys: the role of the Priabonian index species Nummulites fabianii from NE Slovenia and N Croatia poster
Irena Debeljak Fosilni proboscidi iz Šaleške doline predavanje
oral presentation
Evica Divković-Golić, Boban Jolović, Spasoje Glavaš Mineral resources potential of the Republic of Srpska predavanje
oral presentation
Matej Draksler, Duška Rokavec, Urša Šolc, Tina Zajc Benda Projekt RESEERVE - mineralni potencial JV Evrope poster
Katica Drobne, Johannes Pignatti, Haris Ibrahimpašić, Vlasta Ćosović, Beatrice Fornaciari, Cesare A. Papazzoni, Nevio Pugliese, Mladen Trutin A reappraisal of the Paleogene index species of the genus Alveolina from the Adriatic region predavanje
oral presentation
Karmen Fifer Bizjak, Andraž Geršak, Stanislav Lenart Uporaba velike strižne celice v geotehnični praksi poster
Elena Filimonova, Iliya Chiganov Analysis of pumping test data under different conditions poster
Julija Fux, Tina Živec The challenges of performing investigations and result analysis combined by a 3D geological model for the new Karavanke tunnel tube poster
Martin Gaberšek, Mateja Gosar, Miloš Miler Ugotavljanje preteklega onesnaževanja v mestnem okolju z analizo podstrešnega prahu, primer Maribora predavanje
oral presentation
Luka Gale, Camille Peybernes, Bogomir Celarc, Manca Hočevar, Rossana Martini Massive "Cordevolian" limestone from Lesno Brdo, central Slovenia predavanje
oral presentation
Rok Gašparič, Luka Gale A new Upper Jurassic deceapod assemblage from a sponge reef olistolith from Velika Strmica, Slovenia predavanje
oral presentation
David Gerčar Geološki model podlage aluvialnega vodonosnika vzhodnega dela Krške kotline poster
Simona Golčman Ribič, Vladimir Vukadin Geološko-geomehanske preiskave za HE Mokrice predavanje
oral presentation
Javier Gómez, Juan Requejo, Virginia del Río, Ludger Benighaus, Marko Komac, Sari Kauppi, Juha Kotilainen The reputation of mining and exploration from an European perspective poster
Špela Goričan, Lea Žibret, Adrijan Košir, Duje Kukoč, Aleksander Horvat Paleogeografski položaj spodnjekrednega fliša v Julijskih Alpah predavanje
oral presentation
Mojca Gorjup Kavčič, Nina Erjavec, Liliana Homovec, Maja Sever, Andrej Šmuc, Tomislav Popit Mobilna aplikacija »Teachout« za inovativno poučevanje naravoslovja predavanje
oral presentation
Andrej Gosar Microtremor HVSR study in the town of Idrija (W Slovenia) performed to support seismic microzonation poster
Mateja Gosar, Robert Šajn Določanje geokemičnega ozadja in meje naravne variabilnosti za nikelj v zgornjem sloju tal v Sloveniji predavanje
oral presentation
Ozren Hasan, Slobodan Miko, Dea Brunović, Nikolina Ilijanić, George Papatheodorou, Maria Geraga, Dimitris Christodoulou, Matej Čurić, Ivor Meštrović, Dragana Šolaja, Marko Bakašun Submerged karst river channels of Zrmanja, Cetina, Neretva and Koločep rivers in the Eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia) predavanje
oral presentation
Aleksander Horvat, Vasja Mikuž, Ivan Rozman, Vladimir Bermanec, Jasenka Sremac, Alan Moro Gosau type malacofauna from Gornje Orešje (NE Croatia) predavanje
oral presentation
Katarina Hribernik Celovit podatkovni model za podporo trajnostnega upravljanja z mineralnimi surovinami poster
Nikolina Ilijanić, Željka Sladović, Slobodan Miko, Ivan Razum, Ozren Hasan Geomorphology and the evolution of the karst polje Bokanjačko blato based on high resolution sediment core and GPR data predavanje
oral presentation
Kristina Ivančič, Jernej Jež, Blaž Milanič, Špela Kumelj, Andrej Šmuc Primer uporabe modela verjetnosti pojavljanja zemeljskih plazov na območju med Podgorjem in Gaberkami predavanje
oral presentation
Mitja Janža, Andrej Lapanje, Dejan Šram, Dušan Rajver, Matevž Novak, Katja Koren, Matjaž Klasinc, Urška Šolc Ocena plitvega geotermalnega potenciala na območju Mestne občine Ljubljana predavanje
oral presentation
Mitja Janža, Petra Meglič, Joerg Prestor, Brigita Jamnik, Branka Bračič Železnik, Barbara Čenčur Curk Modeliranje aluvialnega vodonosnika Iškega vršaja in kraškega zaledja za namene upravljanja vodnega vira poster
Alenka Jelen Uporaba mobilnih aplikacij ESRI pri geomorfološkem kartiranju fosilnega plazu nad Vranskem predavanje
oral presentation
Mateja Jemec Auflič, Anna Barra, Janez Rošer, Oriol Monserrat Satellite interferometry for monitoring Velenje mining land subsidence predavanje
oral presentation
Mateja Jemec Auflič, Eugenio Realini, Ismael Colomina, Michele Crosetto, Angelo Consoli, Sara Lucca GIMS project: geodetic integrated monitoring system poster
Miha Jeršek, Blaž Zarnik, Uroš Herlec, Mateja Golež, Minka Kovač, Nataša Toplak, Mateja Kokalj, Anja Klančnik, Barbara Jeršek Mikrobni biofilm in rast limonitnih kapnikov v opuščenem rudniku Sitarjevec pri Litiji predavanje
oral presentation
Jernej Jež, Tina Peternel, Blaž Milanič, Anže Markelj, Matevž Novak, Bogomir Celarc, Mitja Janža, Mateja Jemec Auflič Plaz Čikla v Karavankah predavanje
oral presentation
Jernej Jež, Bogomir Celarc, Blaž Milanič, Bogdan Jurkovšek, Bojan Otoničar Strukturne, stratigrafske in kraške posebnosti vrtine T1-13/17 (drugi tir Divača-Koper) poster
Bogdan Jurkovšek, Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek, Blaž Zarnik Sitarjevec, litijsko rudišče poster
Tjaša Kanduč, Zdenka Šlejkovec, Polona Vreča, Zoran Samardžija, Mirijam Vrabec, Marko Vrabec, Timotej Verbovšek, Sergej Jamnikar, Darian Božič, Marjan Lenart, Kip Solomon, Jennifer McIntosh, Fausto Grassa Biogeochemical characterization of different geological media (coalbed gases, groundwater, lignite) from Velenje coal basin predavanje
oral presentation
Tjaša Kanduč, Davor Kontić, Janja Snoj Tratnik, David Kocman, Johanna Amalia Robinson Integrated climate forcing and air pollution reduction in urban systems (ICARUS): Ljubljana case study poster
Jernej Kerčmar Nahajališča zemeljskega plina na naftno-plinskem polju Petišovci predavanje
oral presentation
Zoltán Kern, István G. Hatvani, Tjaša Kanduč, Marko Štrok, István Fórizs, László Palcsu, Dániel Erdélyi, Balázs Kohán Ines Krajcar Bronić, Polona Vreča Preliminary tritium isoscape of precipitation across the Adriatic-Pannonian realm poster
Matjaž Klasinc, Luka Serianz, Dejan Šram & Janja Borec Merlak Hidrogeološko načrtovanje mestnega podzemlja - primer Šumi v Ljubljani poster
Markus Klein Vision, mission, goals and activities of EIT RawMaterials vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Blaž Kogovšek, Metka Petrič, Cyril Mayaud, Matej Blatnik, Nataša Ravbar, Janez Mulec, Franci Gabrovšek Fizikalno-kemijske značilnosti vode kraškega vodonosnika v obdobju hidrološkega leta (Planinsko polje, JZ Slovenija) poster
Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek Konodonti - njihov pomen za stratigrafijo Slovenije vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek, Bogdan Jurkovšek Uporaba rentgenske tomografske mikroskopije pri raziskavah konodontov in brahiopodov iz srednjega triasa Dinaridov poster
Tvrtko Korbar Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary tsunamite on Adriatic carbonate platform and possible source of a megatsunami predavanje
oral presentation
Tvrtko Korbar, Jernej Jež, Vlasta Ćosović, Ladislav Fuček, Blanka Cvetko Tešović Research progress on a distinct Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary event bed within the "Liburnia formation" in Kras region (Pivka area, SW Slovenia) poster
Katja Koren, Mitja Janža, Dejan Šram Vpliv kemijske sestave podzemne vode na delovanje toplotnih črpalk, primer območja Mestne občine Ljubljana predavanje
oral presentation
Anja Koroša, Nina Mali, Primož Auersperger Določanje organskih onesnaževal v podzemni vodi predavanje
oral presentation
Anja Koroša, Nina Mali, Mihael Brenčič Transportni parametri izbranih onesnaževal v nezasičeni coni poster
Andrej Kos, Željko Pogačnik, Rok Mihelič Preliminarna ocena potenciala karbonatnega mulja za uporabo v kmetijske namene (prednosti in omejitve) poster
Sabina Kramar, Lidija Korat, Lina Završnik, Vilma Ducman, Remus Iacobescu, Lubica Kriskova, Yiannis Pontikes, Björn Haase Cementitious properties of binder Petrit-T developed within the MIN-PET project predavanje
oral presentation
Matija Krivic eGeologija - predstavitev spletnega portala demonstracija
Matija Križnar Ledenodobni velikan iz Nevelj - 80 let od odkritja mamuta predavanje
oral presentation
Matija Križnar, Ivan Ocepek Prve najdbe heteromorfnih amonitov (Ancyloceratina) v Sloveniji poster
Nataša Kukar, Matevž Hočevar, Jakob Šimon Mreža referenčnih merilnih postaj za izvajanje hidroloških opazovanj v Sloveniji poster
Špela Kumelj, Matija Krivic, Tina Peternel, Bogomir Celarc Pan-afriška podpora Partnerstvu EGS-OAGS - vloga GeoZS v projektu PanAfGeo poster
Andrej Lapanje, Blaž Milanič, Klemen Teran, Matija Krivic Zbirka podatkov o vrtinah in njihova prestavitev v spletnem pregledovalniku predavanje
oral presentation
Andrej Lapanje Projekt CHPM2030 - Soproizvodnja električne energije in toplote ter pridobivanje mineralnih surovin poster
Matej Maček, Jasna Smolar, Ana Petkovšek Pomen razumevanja efektivnih napetosti pri interpretaciji terenskih raziskav predavanje
oral presentation
Neža Malenšek, Sonja Lojen, Gordana Medunić, Nina Zupančič Usoda žvepla v tleh v okolici termoelektrarne Plomin (Hrvaška) predavanje
oral presentation
Nina Mali, Lidija Levičnik, Timotej Pepelnik, Jan Udovč Uporaba GIS orodja za pripravo zaščitnih ukrepov, prepovedi in omejitev pri določanju vodovarstvenih območij predavanje
oral presentation
Daniel Marcin, Katarína Fajčíková, Juraj Michalko, František Bottlik Regional geothermal assessment of the Rudnianska kotlina basin, central Slovakia predavanje
oral presentation
Miha Marinšek, Matija Križnar, Luka Gale Trilobiti iz evropskih najdišč v šolskih in zgodovinskih geoloških zbirkah Prirodoslovnega muzeja Slovenije  poster
Miloš Markič, Mitja Janža, Andrej Lapanje, Simona Pestotnik, Joerg Prestor, Dušan Rajver, Nina Rman, Dejan Šram Geoenergetski viri Slovenije plenarno predavanje
keynote lecture
Tamara Marković, Martina Šparica Miko, Ana-Maria Đumbir, Marija Gligora Uvodić, Antonija Kulaš, Ozren Larva, Željka Brkić Variations of nitrate concentrations in ground and surface waters of Varaždin alluvial system predavanje
oral presentation
Andrea Martin-Perez, Adrijan Košir, Bojan Otoničar Dedolomitisation phenomena in the Cretaceous dolomite of the Povir Formation near Sežana predavanje
oral presentation
Maja Martinuš, Blanka Cvetko Tešović, Igor Vlahović Latest Cretaceous to earliest Palaeogene scleractinian coral-stromatoporoid patch reefs on periodically emerging carbonate platform, the Island of Brač (Croatia) predavanje
oral presentation
Petra Meglič, Joerg Prestor, Nina Rman, Andrej Lapanje, Janko Urbanc, Mihael Brenčič Prekomejni vodonosniki v Sloveniji in njihovo varovanje predavanje
oral presentation
Eva Mencin Gale, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Miloš Bavec, Mirka Trajanova, Polona Kralj, Luka Gale, Dragomir Skaberne, Flavio S. Anselmetti, Andrej Šmuc Morphostratigraphy and provenance of the Plio-Quaternary deposits in the Slovenj Gradec and the Nazarje intramontane basins (northern Slovenia) predavanje
oral presentation
Kim Mezga, Rok Brajković, Armida Torreggiani, Patricia Groó-Nagy, Pontus Westrin Innovative ways to teach young people about minerals predavanje
oral presentation
Andrej Mihevc, Philipp Häuselmann, Markus Fiebig Burial age of the allogenic quartz pebbles from Arneševa luknja, Snežna jama, Huda luknja and Špehovka for assesment of tectonic uplift of Kamnik Alps and Karavanke Range (northern Slovenia) predavanje
oral presentation
Miloš Miler Prepoznavanje virov trdnih onesnaževal v okolju na osnovi mineraloških, morfoloških in geokemičnih lastnosti delcev predavanje
oral presentation
Miloš Miler, Jörg Feinhals, Alexander Tscharf, Radmila Marković, Dimitrios Panias, Govert DeWith, Sofia Barbosa, Stoyan Gaydardzhiev raPHOSafe - Opredelitev in ločevanje z radijem bogate odpadne fosforne sadre od neradioaktivne poster
Snježana Miletić, Mirijam Vrabec, Bojan Djurić O izvoru kamnin v grajenih strukturah rimskega municipija Claudia Celeia predavanje
oral presentation
Snježana Miletić, Marko Komac, Samantha Roffey, Leila Ajjabou Projekt INFACT: Prihodnost raziskovanja mineralnih surovin v Evropi poster
Ana Mladenović Industrijski in komunalni odpadki kot vir surovin za gradbeništvo predavanje
oral presentation
Manca Mlakar Willewaldt, Tatjana Resnik Planinc, Petra Žvab Rožič Načini poučevanja geoloških vsebin v formalnem izobraževanju: primer poučevanja kamnin in kamninskega kroga v osnovni šoli predavanje
oral presentation
Lavdie Moisiu Mineral potential (primary and secondary resources) of Albania predavanje
oral presentation
Simon Mozetič, Tomislav Matoz, Andrej Lapanje Uporaba karotažnih meritev v hidrogeologiji predavanje
oral presentation
Juliet Newson, Randall Morgan Greene Renewable energy education in Iceland vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Andrej Novak, Tomislav Popit, Andrej Šmuc, Ryszard J. Kaczka Določanje magnitude hudourniških poplav z uporabo dendrogeomorfoloških in meteoroloških podatkov poster
Matevž Novak Urbana geološka dediščina - fosili in strukture v naravnem kamnu Ljubljane poster
Tea Novaković, Borna Lužar Oberiter, Bojan Matoš, Lara Wacha, Adriano Banak The provenance of Quaternary sediments from Bilogora Mt. (Croatia) poster
Jeroen November, Rita Van Ham, Sigrid Raedschelders Groundwater abstractions in Flanders (Belgium): an enforcement perspective vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Bojan Otoničar, Jernej Jež Zgornjekredna geodinamika severnega dela Jadranske karobnatne platforme predavanje
oral presentation
Irena Anica Oven, Nataša Vodopivec Izhodišča za pripravo predpisa o vodovarstvenem območju vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Matko Patekar, Jasmina Lukač Reberski, Ivana Boljat, Ivona Baniček, Ana Selak, Josip Terzić Efficient land use practices as tools of drinking water protection in complex karst environment - Dalmatia case study predavanje
oral presentation
Urška Pavlič, Petra Souvent Spremenljivost gladine podzemne vode v Pomurju: gre za naraven proces ali antropogeni vpliv? poster
Timotej Pepelnik, Joerg Prestor, Nina Mali, Luka Serianz, Lidija Levičnik, Petra Meglič Nova zasnova varovanja virov pitne podzemne vode v Pomurju po izgradnji sistemov A, B, C predavanje
oral presentation
Tina Peternel, Jernej Jež, Blaž Milanič, Anže Markelj, Mateja Jemec Auflič, Špela Kumelj, Dejan Šram, Luka Serianz, Matjaž Klasinc, Mitja Janža Proučevanje pobočnih masnih premikov v zaledju naselja Koroška Bela (SZ Karavanke) predavanje
oral presentation
Krešimir Petrinjak, Stanislav Bergant, Tomislav Kurečić, Šimun Aščić Possible occasional recovery of carbonate sedimentation within Istrian flysch basin poster
Valentina Pezdir, Balázs Székely, Marko Vrabec Analiza geomorfnih indikatorjev tektonske aktivnosti na prehodu iz Posavskih gub v Ljubljansko kotlino v Tunjiškem gričevju predavanje
oral presentation
Ladislav Placer Strukturna simetrija Vzhodnih Karavank predavanje
oral presentation
Željko Pogačnik, Marjana Zajc, Polona Hafner, Goran Vižintin Določitev dinamike geomehanske nestabilnosti heterogenih hribin: primer regionalne ceste Morsko-Kanalski vrh poster
Željko Pogačnik, Miloš Miler, Tomaž Prus, Marko Zupan Potencial tvorbe pirita v jezerskih sedimentih kot posledica razpada/življenjskih procesov makroflore - primer sedimentov jezera Most na Soči poster
Zdenka Popović, Marko Kočevar Inženirsko geološke preiskave plazu Čemšenik predavanje
oral presentation
Adam Porowski No-purge, discreet technique of hydrogeological sampling of deep piezometers, and wells: field evaluation predavanje
oral presentation
Emil Pučko Mineralisation types at Cannington Ag-Pb-Zn deposit poster
Slobodan Radusinović Mineral resources of Montenegro predavanje
oral presentation
Dušan Rajver, Joerg Prestor, Simona Pestotnik, Mitja Janža, Jernej Jež Ugodne geološke danosti za postavitev naprav za izkoriščanje plitve geotermalne energije - primeri dobrih praks predavanje
oral presentation
Nina Rman, Lidia-Lenuța Bălan, Ivana Bobovečki, Nóra Gál, Boban Jolović, Andrej Lapanje, Tamara Marković, Dejan Milenić, Ferid Skopljak, Ágnes Rotár-Szalkai, Natalija Samardžić, Teodóra Szőcs, Dragana Šolaja, Nenad Toholj, Anca-Marina Vijdea, Ana Vranjes Utilization of thermal water in six Danube Region countries, the DARLINGe project predavanje
oral presentation
Nina Rman, Andrej Lapanje, Teodora Szőcs, Laszlo Palcsu, Peter Junež New findings on origin of mineral water and gas in Rogaška Slatina poster
Duška Rokavec, Snježana Miletić Mineralne surovine v trajnostnem prostorskem načrtovanju predavanje
oral presentation
Duška Rokavec, Urša Šolc, Matej Draksler, Tina Z. Benda Vloga Geološkega zavoda Slovenije v EIT RawMaterials in RC Adria predavanje
oral presentation
Boštjan Rožič, David Gerčar, Primož Oprčkal, Astrid Švara, Dragica Turnšek, Jan Udovč, Lara Kunst, Tomislav Popit, Luka Gale Rekonstrukcija norijskega do srednjejurskega robnega dela in pobočja Dinarske karbonatne platforme iz klastov v srednjejurski apnenčevi megabreči Slovenskega bazena vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Ana Selak, Ivana Boljat, Josip Terzić, Ivona Baniček, Matko Patekar, Jasmina Lukač Reberski Vulnerability mapping criteria identification for karstic part of Kupa river catchment area within CAMARO-D project predavanje
oral presentation
Luka Serianz, Nina Rman, Mihael Brenčič Analiza iztoka termalne vode iz geotermalnega karbonatnega vodonosnika v plitvi medzrnski vodonosnik na Bledu predavanje
oral presentation
Luka Serianz, Nina Rman, Mihael Brenčič Analiza črpalnih preizkusov v korakih pri geotermalnih vrtinah poster
Barbara Simić, Jasna Šinigoj Geološka služba za Evropo (GeoERA) - oblikovanje skupnega raziskovalnega prostora evropskih geoloških zavodov poster
Jasna Smolar, Matej Maček, Ana Petkovšek Potencial likvifakcije peskov na Krško-Brežiškem polju predavanje
oral presentation
Tim Sotelšek, Nik Gračanin, Matic Rifl, Luka Gale Fosilni mnogoščetinci spodnjekarnijskega apnenca pri Lesnem Brdu poster
Trajče Stafilov, Robert Šajn Geochemical atlas of the Republic of Macedonia predavanje
oral presentation
Martina Stupar, Mojca Bedjanič, Mina Dobravc, Tanja Lukežič, Andreja Škedelj Petrič, Tadeja Šubic, Helena Tehovnik, Mojca Zega Ozaveščanje splošne javnosti o pomenu geološke dediščine v okviru projekta GEOTOUR poster
Jasna Šinigoj, Matija Krivic, Matevž Novak, Jernej Bavdek, Marko Zakrajšek, Tadeja Miklavčič, Nina Prkić Požar eGeologija - prost dostop do geoloških podatkov vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Jasna Šinigoj, Mateja Jemec Auflič, Špela Kumelj, Tina Peternel, Matija Krivic, Janez Vegan, Marko Zakrajšek Sistem zgodnejga opozarjanja za primer nevarnosti verjetnosti proženja zemeljskih plazov - MASPREM poster
Slavko V. Šolar Interaction between scientists/experts and society: missed opportunities of everyone? plenarno predavanje
keynote lecture
Dejan Šram, Mitja Janža, Andrej Lapanje, Dušan Rajver, Matevž Novak, Katja Koren 3D geološko modeliranje - od načrtovanja do izvedbe (primer Mestna občina Ljubljana)Lokalni 3D geološki model Moravške sinklinale poster
Dejan Šram, Luka Serianz, Jure Atanckov, Blaž Milanič, Anže Markelj Lokalni 3D geološki model Moravške sinklinale poster
Kaja Šušmelj, Rok Brajković, Petra Žvab Rožič Analiza maturitetnih vprašanj z geološko vsebino poster
Klemen Teran, Mattia Fanetti, Gorazd Žibret Source appointment of particulate matter emissions according to road dust elemental composition in Slovenia predavanje
oral presentation
Klemen Teran, Andrej Lapanje, Dejan Šram, Tomislav Matoz Raziskovalna vrtina InnoLOG-1/18 predavanje
oral presentation
Tamara Teršič, Miloš Miler, Martin Gaberšek, Mateja Gosar Vsebnosti arzena in nekaterih prvin v potočnih sedimentih in vodah porečja Medije, osrednja Slovenija predavanje
oral presentation
Mirka Trajanova, Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe Zakrasevanje marmorja iz Gorno-Altajske regije (Ruska federacija) predavanje
oral presentation
Ana Trobec, Andrej Šmuc, Sašo Poglajen, Iztok Naglič, Marko Vrabec Poznokvartarni sedimenti Strunjanskega zaliva: koreliranje seizmične stratigrafije in sedimentoloških podatkov predavanje
oral presentation
Aleša Uršič Arko, Bojan Otoničar, Boštjan Rožič Turonijsko do srednje coniacijsko zaporedje karbonatnih kamnin jugozahodnega krila Postojnske antiklinale poster
Nina Valand, Dominik Božič, Katarina Kadivec, Anja Škerjanc, Tadej Abram, Aja Knific Košir, Klemen Babuder, Sašo Vozlič, Rok Brajković, Helena Gabrielčič Tomc, Jože Guna, Žiga Fon, Petra Žvab Rožič Kamen-check: učni pripomoček za določevanje tipičnih slovenskih kamnin poster
Timotej Verbovšek, Nejc Mihevc, Marko Kočevar, Marko Vrabec Meritve premikov in podzemne vode na plazu Stogovce pri Ajdovščini predavanje
oral presentation
Timotej Verbovšek UNEXMIN - podvodni robot UX-1 za raziskovanje potopljenih rudnikov (Evropski projekt H2020) - trenutno stanje raziskav poster
Andrej Vihtelič, Jasna Šinigoj Harvesting system for European geological data poster
Jan Vodušek, Tomislav Popit Geomorfološka analiza ugrezninskih razpok na območju Šaleških jezer predavanje
oral presentation
Marko Vrabec Pliokvartarna tektonika Velenjskega bazena - insajderski vpogled v pull-apart strukturo vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Marko Vrabec, Petr Pruner, Nadja Zupan Hajna, Andrej Mihevc, Pavel Bosák Hitre neotektonske rotacije v Jadransko-Evrazijski kolizijski coni, ugotovljene iz paleomagnetizma pliokvartarnih jamskih sedimentov Slovenije predavanje
oral presentation
Leopold Vrankar Gospodarjenje z mineralnimi surovinami in Državna rudarska strategija vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Polona Vreča, Tjaša Kanduč, David Kocman, Sonja Lojen, Marko Štrok, György Czuppon, István Fórizs, István Gábor Hatvani, Tamás Mona, Emese Bottyán, László Palcsu, Marianna Túri, Balázs Kohán, Zoran Kovač, Heike Brielmann, Zoltán Kern Temporal and spatial distribution of water stable isotopes in precipitation over Slovenia and Hungary poster
Vladimir Vukadin, Andrej Ločniškar Vloga geološko geotehničnega (GG) elaborata pri načrtovanju zahtevnih objektov in linijske infrastrukture predavanje
oral presentation
Marjana Zajc, Nina Rman Using GPR for studying natural CO2 vents predavanje
oral presentation
Marjana Zajc, Janko Urbanc Using GPR for defining groundwater vulnerability due to the impact of agricultural activity poster
Tina Zajc Benda, Duška Rokavec, Kim Mezga Transfer of Slovenian public mining service good practice to SEE Europe predavanje
oral presentation
Vesna Zalar Serjun, Janez Turk, Marko Vrabec, Mirijam Vrabec, Janez Rošer, Janko Čretnik & Alenka Mauko Rentgenske mikrotomografske preiskave avtigenih mineralizacij v lignitu Velenjskega bazena predavanje
oral presentation
Nadja Zupan Hajna Highlights from the karst sediments research in Slovenia vabljeno predavanje
invited lecture
Lan Zupančič, Galena Jordanova, Ana Grkman, Lucija Slapnik, Kevin Žagar, Klavdija Prašnikar, Aljana Vidmar, Ana Kandare, Matjaž Srša, Martin Vrabec, Nace Pušnik, Marko Vrabec, Timotej Verbovšek Projekt KamPlaz: Osveščanje prebivalcev občine Kamnik o pojavih plazenja - projekt Po kreativni poti (PKP) poster
Gorazd Žibret Use of robotics and automation for mineral prospecting and extraction predavanje
oral presentation
Mladen Živčić, Ina Cecić, Martina Čarman, Tamara Jesenko, Jurij Pahor The earthquake catalogue of Slovenia and the surrounding region predavanje
oral presentation
Tina Živec, Timotej Verbovšek Določitev deleža kamnin v flišu JZ Slovenije z uporabo terestričnega laserskega skeniranja predavanje
oral presentation
Petra Žvab Rožič, Ana Grkman, Timotej Verbovšek, Boštjan Rožič Pomen razumevanja litoloških in strukturnih značilnosti vodonosnikov: primer kraškega vodonosnika doline Učje predavanje
oral presentation
Petra Žvab Rožič, Tomislav Popit, Rok Brajković Kako z inovativnimi metodami poučevati vsebine o mineralih in kamninah? predavanje
oral presentation

Photographic exhibition "Geoscience for society"

September 2018 – April 2019 in the Open-air Gallery in Velenje

The objective of the exhibition "Geoscience for society" is to increase the visibility of geology as a basic natural and applied science and to raise awareness of the ways in which the geological profession contributes the foundations for the development of society. The winning photographs of the photographic contest are exhibited together with photos of researchers of the Geological Survey of Slovenia, which thematically complement the presentation. The different branches of geosciences and the fields of their research are presented. Some contribute to the knowledge of the geological history and the structure of Slovene territory, but the focus is on those who have the most direct impact on the life and safety of people and social development.

Organizers: Slovenian Geological Society and Geological Survey of Slovenia in cooperation with Municipality of Velenje

Concept: Matevž Novak

Texts: Mateja Jemec Auflič, Bogomir Celarc, Martin Gaberšek, Miloš Markič, Eva Mencin Gele, Jernej Jež, Miloš Miler, Matevž Novak, Tina Peternel, Dušan Rajver, Nina Rman, Klemen Teran

Photographs: Miran Beškovnik, Rok Brajković, Bogomir Celarc, Matevž Demšar, Martin Gaberšek, Mateja Gosar, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Jernej Jež, Bogdan Jurkovšek, Matej Karahodžić, Aleksander Kavčnik, Jurij Kodrun, Eva Mencin Gele, Miloš Miler, Simon Mozetič, Matevž Novak, Klemen Teran, Mirka Trajanova

Design: Staška Čertalič

Exhibition "Litosphere"

October 2018 - October 2019 in Velenje Castle

Open: Tuesday - Sunday, 10.00 - 18.00

With the exhibition Litosphere we want to show how we as geologists look at rocks - in the rocks, we see the recorded history of the Earth, the processes that shape it and the history of life on it. With the Litosphere exhibition we help you to read what is written in the rocks. This is also the main task of the Department of Geology study collections that are not intended for storing specimens or collecting attractive pieces of minerals in rocks. The task of our collections is to teach a new generation of experts to be able to understand the history and the future of the Earth and humans on it from the geological record. For the exhibition we selected almost exclusively the specimens found in Slovenia. They will surprise you. You will see the Slovenian granite, the bones of dinosaurs, a rock containing diamonds, fossil corals, as well as geologists' view on Plečnik's favorite ornamental stone. Throughout the school year, the exhibition will be included in the offer of pedagogical programs for schools, therefore we will conduct geological workshops in addition to classical guided visits.

Organizers: Department of Geology and Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Concept: Marko Vrabec, Tomislav Popit

Texts: Marko Vrabec, Luka Gale, Tomislav Popit, Mirijam Vrabec

Design: Domen Ermenc and Irena Iljaž under the menthorship of Nace Pušnik

Workshop "Mineral resources in Slovenia"

1 October 2018 from 8.00 to 14.00 at the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia

Through the geological workshop, pupils of primary schools learned about the importance of raw materials in everyday lives. The relationship between minerals, ore and raw materials were presented. They also learned about the classification of raw materials according to their value for all levels of society. Using learning toolkits they got to know the use of raw materials in the manufacture of various everyday items. Pupils also visited the museum part of Coal Mine Velenje, learned more about formation of coal and other geological attractions of the region. These activities help raising the awareness about the importance of raw materials and their impact on our lives and make science education and careers in raw materials more attractive for youngsters.

Organizer: Geological Survey of Slovenia. Workshop is organized as a part of the project »RM@Schools 3.0« – Ambasadorji mineralnih surovin v šolah 3.0, funded by EIT Raw Materials.

Coordination: Rok Brajković

Implementation: Rok Brajković, Rada Rikanović

Geology Day

2 October 2018 from 8.00 to 14.00 at the Environmental Protection College

The Geology Day was designed in the form of geological workshops. The workshops were run by researchers of institutes employing geologists and dealing with various fields of geology. Pupils of primary and secondary schools from Velenje and its surroundings and students of the Environmental Protection College were invited to attend. Participants were actively involved in learning about the applicable values of geology. They explored how the geologic profession provides raw materials for making objects that they encounter every day (e.g. pencil, mobile phone, light bulb, water, cosmetic product, etc.) and how to deal with these goods properly.

Organizer: Group for the Popularization of Geology of the Slovenian Geological Society in cooperation with Environmental Protection College Velenje

Coordination: Petra Žvab Rožič

Preparation of materials and implementation: Mojca Bedjanič, Branka Bračič Železnik, Rok Brajković, Katarina Fuchs, Barbara Karničnik, Darja Komar, Katja Koren, Neža Malenšek, Matevž Novak, Jerca Praprotnik Kastelic, Rada Rikanović, Nina Rman, Lan Zupančič, Petra Žvab Rožič


Ljubitelje teka in hoje obveščamo, da se z letošnjim GeoTEKOM za kratek čas odmikamo od blatnih stezic in se podajamo v bolj urbano okolje Velenja. V sklopu prireditev, ki spremljajo 5. slovenski geološki kongres, se bomo na predvečer otvoritve kongres, 2. 10. 2018 ob 16:45 zbrali pred restavracijo Ribiški dom v bližini NK Rudar v Velenju. Po kratkem ogrevanju se bomo ob 17:00 spopadli s progo okoli Škalskega jezera in se z njo borili nadaljnjih 45 minut. V odmerjenem času bomo skušali preteči in prehoditi čim več kilometrov, ki se bodo pretvorili v denarna sredstva, namenjena prostovoljnemu velenjskemu Društvu prijateljev mladine Levi breg – Velenje. Naš trud bo, kot vedno do sedaj, ovrednotilo Slovensko geološko društvo po formuli 1 krog = 1 €. Udeležba na GeoTEKU bo tokrat brezplačna in odprta za vse.

Za več informacij se lahko obrnete na elektronski naslov luka.gale@ntf.uni-lj.si. Za udeležbo se lahko odločite v zadnjem trenutku, bo pa organizacijo nekoliko olajšala predhodna prijava na navedeni e-naslov.

Geotek bomo izpeljali v vsakem vremenu.

Photo contest

»Geoscience for Society«

Slovenian Geological Society and Geological Survey of Slovenia are opening a photo contest as part of the 5th Slovenian Geological Congress, taking place on 3–5 October in Velenje.

The theme of the contest, »Geoscience for Society«, covers a broad range of motifs that reflect the applicative value of geoscientific research at all levels.

When evaluating photographs, the main selection criterion will be their message corresponding to the contest theme. It is preferred, although not required, that photographs entering the contest capture both the theme specified and the town where the Congress will be taking place, i.e. the City of Velenje.Everyone is invited to participate in the contest, including those who do not intend to attend the Congress.

Participants can take part in the competition by submitting up to four (4) original photographs.

To be considered, photographs must meet the following technical criteria:
The photographs should be of the highest resolution possible (the recommended resolution is at least 300 dpi) and their longer side should be at least 3000 pixels in size. The photographs should be taken in landscape orientation. Do not add signatures or logos to photographs. Only digital photographs (JPG file format and sRGB colour space are preferred) sent by e-mail will be accepted. Name all photographs submitted using the serial number, the title of the photograph, and the name and surname of the photographer (example: 1_title_name_surname). Please send the photographs together with the application (mandatory) to fotonatecaj.5sgk@gmail.com.

By submitting the photographs and the application, each participant declares that he/she is the author of the photographs and agrees that the organisers may use the photographs to promote the contest, in exhibitions, presentations, articles, online or in other printed and electronic media without prior authorisation or payment to the author. By submitting the photographs and the application, authors accept the rules of the contest.

The deadline for submissions for the photo contest is extended until 31 May 2018. The results will be announced on 15 June 2018 on the website of the 5th Slovenian Geological Congress.

Evaluation commission: Rok Gašparič, Simon Mozetič, Aleš Zdešar, Matija Križnar

The top 24 photographs will be printed in large format and exhibited at the Open-air gallery in Velenje during and after the Congress (three months altogether). The top 12 photographs will be used in a printed calendar. The top 3 photographs receive the following prizes:

  • 1st place: digital camera Nikon Coolpix W300 or similar
  • 2nd place: binocular Nikon Aculon 7x50 or similar
  • 3rd place: binocular Nikon Aculon 8x25 or similar

Prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the Congress.

Contact (coordinator):
mag. Matija Križnar
Slovenian Museum of Natural History
Prešernova cesta 20, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 241 09 57
E-mail: mkriznar@pms-lj.si


We look forward to your photos!


For further information please contact us by e-mail address: 5.sgk@geo-zs.si