Mineral Resources in 2020

Dear Reader,

It is my pleasure and honour to introduce this year’s edition of the Mineral Resources Bulletin, an increasingly influential publication produced by the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia and the Geological Survey of Slovenia. In accordance with the editorial policy of recent years, the Bulletin serves as much more than just an annual overview of mineral and energy resource-related issues and developments in Slovenia. Instead, it provides professional articles on topics that are central to Europe’s effort to become a leading force in the sustainable management of natural resources, and toward seeing the implementation of the European Green Deal.

In the context of the objectives set out in the European Green Deal and in accordance with the goals of its smart specialization program, Slovenia is working to become a European leader in the harnessing of circularity with a view to transforming and decarbonising its economy. The country aims to effect through a coordinated national approach based on local needs and international best practice. Based on both the content of this bulletin and the remarkable growth of work and activities in the field, we can confidently maintain that our knowledge and expertise in primary and secondary mineral resources will well serve to facilitate this ambition. The vision and strategy of the Geological Survey of Slovenia, whose work is built on three interconnected and inseparable pillars – research and development, public service, and market consultancy – also serves to support the country’s efforts in the field.

This Bulletin presents news and developments related to the transfer of state-of-the-art research on mineral resources into practice. It also introduces new developments related to the inventory and accessibility of relevant data on primary and secondary resources in the region, and explores the ways industry can benefit from such.

In order to ensure continual supply of mineral resources to the market beyond 2021, the ministry is encouraging concessionaries to meet all criteria for the extension of mining rights and concessions, or to obtain new concessions.

Moreover, if we connect the country’s formidable ambitions in the field of mineral resources with the primary objectives of EIT RawMaterials – the leading European community for raw materials in which Slovenian public research institutions are particularly active – we feel Slovenia will be well positioned to take a leading role, in the region and beyond.

Ljubljana, September 2020

dr. Miloš Bavec
Geological Survey of Slovenia

Bilten (PDF, 25MB)