Title Past climate change and glaciation at the Alps-Dinarides junction
Project leader 38099 - dr. Manja Žebre
Research team 38099 - dr. Manja Žebre
29607 - dr. Jure Atanackov
16309 - dr. Miloš Bavec
26454 - dr. Matjaž Depolli
32050 - dr. Petra Jamšek Rupnik
28457 - dr. Jernej Jež
28366 - dr. Gregor Kosec
27941 - dr. Uroš Stepišnik
38184 - Eva Mencin Gale
Project duration 1. 9. 2020 - 31. 8. 2023
Funding The project is fully funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).
Keywords glaciers, climate change, numerical modelling, Alps, Dinarides, Last Glacial Cycle

Project description:

Former mountain glaciers are important analogues for understanding contemporary ice masses and their future interactions with climate. Formerly glaciated mountain landscapes are also important archives for the study of climate change during the Quaternary. The European Alps are one of the regions where geological markers of past glaciations are most abundant and well-studied. The same is, however, not true for the south-eastern corner of the Alps and neighbouring northern Dinarides, despite the fact that here the glacial history has been studied since the late nineteenth century. Several discrepancies exist among palaeoglaciological maps generated by different authors. There are also large disagreements between these empirical reconstructions and numerically modelled simulations, which predict excessive ice cover over the entire south-eastern Alps. In this project, we will improve our understanding of past climate-glacier dynamics at the Alps-Dinarides junction by combining field and model-based approaches. In particular, we will explore the spatio-temporal patterns of glacier fluctuations during the Last Glacial Cycle, the influence of different bed geology on subglacial conditions and glacier dynamics, and the past climate conditions driving the growth and recession of glaciers. Overall, this project will deliver new findings about how Pleistocene and Holocene glaciers shaped the landscape and how they reacted to past climate variability.

Work packages:

  • WP1: Empirical reconstruction of glaciers
  • WP2: Numerical simulations of glaciers
  • WP3: Past climate change
  • WP4: Dissemination and public outreach

Participating organisations: