Title Pan-African Support to the EuroGeoSurveys-Organisation of African Geological Surveys (EGS-OAGS) Partnership - Geoscientific knowledge and skills in African Geological Surveys
Link to website PanAfGeo
Programme Pan-African Programme 2014–2020
Project duration 12/2016 – 12/2019
GeoZS role in the project Project partner
GeoZS contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PanAfGeo (Pan-African Support to the EuroGeoSurveys-Organisation of African Geological Surveys (EGS-OAGS) Partnership) is a project which supports the training of geoscientific staff from African Geological Surveys through the development of an innovative training programme.

It aims to increase African-owned geological knowledge and skills for sustainable mineral exploitation and related infrastructures, and natural disaster prevention and mitigation.

By developing this ambitious pan-African project, this cooperation will strengthen the geological sector in Africa, and will therefore represent a step forward in the political commitment to the development of EU-Africa cooperation in this area. PanAfGEo encompasses:

  • Enhancing the capacity and role of African national geological surveys;
  • Contributing to mineral resource assessments by national geological surveys in Africa;
  • Increasing the activity of national geological surveys in regional mapping and exploration to upgrade their geoscientific information base and mineral inventories;
  • Strengthening the level of geological knowledge and skills in national geological surveys through training;
  • Strengthening OAGS’ potential to meet the needs of the African continent.

The sustainable use of resources of geological origin such as minerals and non-energy raw materials and groundwater requires skills based on modern knowledge and technology, adjusted to local needs. Mapping geology requires skilled individuals and technical tools, which several geological surveys in Africa are not able to afford. The project therefore develops a capacity building scheme, through the creation of a decentralized specialization school for African professionals. It defines training arrangements, infrastructure and adequate training organizations.

In particular, short and medium term training sessions for African geologists will be organized, especially in the fields of satellite imagery analysis, creation of digital maps, geochemistry and analytical chemistry, economic geology, mineral exploration and geological mapping. Several workshops will be set up to introduce and implement contemporary methods and techniques in geological cartography (remote sensing, airborne geophysics, GIS, GPS, DEM, modern field methods, etc.). PanAfGeo covers the entirety of the African continent with a specific focus on those countries that are rich in mineral resources. The project is addressed to the Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS) and its member organisations as well as relevant governmental bodies such as mining authorities and geological research bodies (e.g. universities, research centres).