Title Optimising quality of information in RAw MAterials data collection across Europe
Link to website ORAMA
Programme Horizon 2020
Project duration 12/2017 – 11/2019
GeoZS role in the project Project partner
GeoZS contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GeoZS is a partner in the project ORAMA, which started in December 2017 under the H2020 programme. One of the main goals of the project is optimisation of collection of primary and secondary raw materials information within EU member states. Development of a clear strategy for improving the quality of collected data, harmonisation of statistical data in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive (infrastructure for spatial information in Europe) and transparent sharing of information at different levels (national and EU) are of key importance for the project. Based on the critical analysis of raw materials information collection methods at national level, the project will enable the recognition of data gaps, barriers and good practices of information sharing at European level. In this way the experts of partner organizations will be able to improve and upgrade the European databases on the primary and secondary mineral resources that were already established in the MINERALS4EU and ProSUM projects. Simultaneously tools and training materials will be developed and disseminated in the form of workshops, online seminars and related mechanisms, with intention to expand the mineral resources knowledge base, which would in long-term cover all European countries. To such a degree the European Community will have access to harmonised, high quality and easily shareable information on raw materials that will support strategic policy decisions and sustainable investments in the field of raw materials.