Mineral Resources in 2016

In 1964 our former state showed its understanding of the strategic importance of mineral resources, or as we say today, the sustainable management of minerals. The geological profession was recognized for its research, use and management of mineral resources. It is no coincidence then, that the then Government of the Republic of Slovenia founded Geological Survey for Slovenia, the precursor of Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS), under the Ministry of Industry and Mining.

Fortunately, the awareness of the importance of natural resources and their direct connection to the geological profession has remained at a relatively high level in our society. For this reason we are able to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of GeoZS this very year. Our activities are still closely connected to the field of mineral resources, despite the (certainly only temporary) reduction in exploitation. We operate under the Mining public service, take part in numerous international projects for this region and in 2015 we became a member of the “Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) EIT RawMaterials”. Above all, we did not give up on the field of scientific research, despite the not exactly enviable times and circumstances. Sooner or later, Slovenia will have to enter into a new era of research and the usage of mineral resources: join the joint efforts of the EU to expand their own supply of mineral resources and reduce dependence on foreign markets. The geological profession shall be ready for this.

Ljubljana, April 2016

Dr. Miloš Bavec, Director GeoZS

Bilten (PDF, 2MB)