Geological atlas of Slovenia

2nd revised and updated edition

Editors: dr. Matevž Novak and dr. Nina Rman

2016, 23 x 34 cm

Price: 17,00 EUR

The Geological Atlas of Slovenia significantly increases accessibility of the Slovenian spatial geological data. The collected material reflects high practical value of geoscientific research and the data obtained for environmental planning, management and monitoring along with environmentally sustainable development. The attractively designed atlas contributes to the recognition of the importance of geology, also in everyday life.

The Geological Atlas of Slovenia was published by the Geological Survey of Slovenia to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its existence. It is edited by Matevž Novak and Nina Rman. As much as 44 authors and several other experienced colleagues from 10 major Slovenian institutions dealing with geoscientific data contributed to it.

The book of 124 pages in large format 34 cm x 23 cm is the first comprehensive collection of geoscientific datasets of Slovenia. In total, 59 maps are published with short descriptions and additional professional references which supplement the description of the phenomena. 42 maps are at the 1:1,000,000 scale while others at the 1:1,800,000 scale.

ISBN 978-961-6498-50-0