Mineral Resources in 2014

We are proud to present the fourth edition of Bulletin of Mineral Resources in Slovenia. As the bulletin is biannual, this actually means that 6 years have passed since the first edition of the English version of Mineral Resources bulletin was issued. This year, the tenth edition of the Slovenian version was printed.

It is a time of reflection on the Slovenian and also English version of Mineral Resources bulletin. Both bulletins are accessible free of charge in printed and electronic versions and both are successfully reaching targeted audience. The structure and content of the English version is pretty straight forward from the start, serving its main purpose: giving the base line information on the mineral resources in Slovenia. A reader can find all additional information either at the team of Public Mining Service (of Slovenia) or elsewhere. The simple structure and biannually updated information on up to 14 pages with thematic maps give the reader sufficient information.

The bulletin has maintained its basic character (content, extent, format, enclosed map). As has always been the case, this year again you will find some rather intriguing reading: production data and other information. It is also worthwhile to search for information via the internet application of the Public Mining Service. Maps have become a regular feature of the bulletin. We are glad that each time we have wider and more diverse circle of readers, which is both a pleasure and encouragement.

Each year we report on the happenings in the field of mineral resources in Slovenia in the past year. Recently, although there is more optimism in the European Union and elsewhere around the world, Slovenia has still been experiencing a crisis. The production of mineral resources for construction is still falling. Luckily the most countries surrounding Slovenia are already in more optimistic post-crisis era, also with regard to mineral resources.

We strongly believe that the next issue of Bulletin of Mineral Resources in Slovenia in two years’ time will be filled with post-crisis optimism that would be supported by the recovery of the raw materials sector, in particular the construction minerals one, and justified with a raise of production numbers.

This year’s as well as all the past bulletins are available because of the efforts of our colleagues, the bulletin designers, and, of course, the authors. Sincere thanks to you all!

And finally, one important, and many times repeated statement: the editors, as well as all external co-workers, would like to ask you to pass on only your positive comments, while your critical comments should be reserved first for us.

Ljubljana, October 2014

Editor and associates

Bilten (PDF, 32MB)