Geological map of the southern part of the Trieste-Komen plateau. Cretaceous and Palaeogene carbonate rocks, 1: 50.000

Bogdan Jurkovšek, Martin Toman, Bojan Ogorelec, Luka Šribar, Katica Drobne, Marijan Poljak, Ljudmila Šribar; 1996; 30 x 21 cm

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This book represents the results of a systematic study of geological composition of the southern part of the Trieste – Komen Plateau, which lies north of Trieste and is known by the name of Kras. The basic starting point of the study was formation analysis the aim of which is to resolve issues concerning origin and development of rocks. The core of the book is the description of lithostratigraphic units with a formation as a major unit and members and horizons as minor units. An overview of mineral deposits, especially natural stone, is also given. The book is written in Slovene and English; both texts run parallel with one another. The book has black and white photos and a colour geological map, scale 1: 50.000, as an appendix.

ISBN 961-90403-0-9