Structural-tectonic map of Slovenia 1: 250.000

Marijan Poljak; 2000, 2007

Price: 30,00 EUR

The main purpose of the Structural - Tectonic Map of Slovenia, scale 1:250.000, is to present the general geotectonic, tectonic and structural units of Slovenia on a regional level. This relates particularly to the position, interrelationship and character of the main structures that encompass folds, faults and thrusts. Among the structures, areas covered by Tertiary sediments of the Pannonian basin and its rims have been delineated, as well as igneous rocks that accompany the Periadriatic lineament. The map has been elaborated after the Geological Map of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, scale 1: 100.000.

The map is accompanied by an explanatory booklet, which represents structural – tectonic framework of Slovenia in Slovene, with and extensive English summary. At the end, a chapter entitled Structural-tectonic map of Slovenia 1: 250.000 in GIS, written by Dr. Marko Komac, is added. The explanatory booklet also includes a folded Map of Tectonic Units of Slovenia, scale 1: 750.000.

ISBN 978-961-6498-08-1