Surface lithostratigraphic and tectonic structural map of T-JAM project area, north eastern Slovenia 1: 100.000

Bogomir Jelen & Helena Rifelj

From the Preface::

The Surface Lithostratigraphic and Tectonic Structural Map of north eastern Slovenia (T-JAM project area) in scale 1 : 100,000 by Bogomir Jelen and Helena Rifelj (2011) is released. The map presents a lithostratigraphicaly re-evaluated part of the Basic Geological Map of SFRY (OGK), which includes parts of sheets Rogatec (Aničić and Juriša, 1983) and Maribor and Leibnitz (Žnidarčič and Mioč, 1988) as well as sheets Goričko (Pleničar, 1968), Nađkaniža (Marković and Mioč, 1989) and Čakovec (Mioč and Marković, 1998). The re-evaluation was based on the authors’ latest research findings on the stratigraphy of the Mura-Zala sedimentary basin.


ISBN 978-961-6498-31-9