Breda Mirtič, Ana Mladenovič, Anton Ramovš, Andreja Senegačnik, Jože Vesel, Nada Vižintin

1999, 22 x 23 cm

Price: 20,00 EUR

The objective of this book is to represent organised data on deposits and characteristics of natural stone in Slovenia. Detailed information on 13 quarries is given. The quality of natural stone more or less regularly produced in those quarries is given for single types of rock. An overview of rock types once being used by our ancestors for building houses and other objects, as well as for details like portals, window frames, shelves, stairs, pavements, roof slates, etc. is given in a separate chapter. The book is illustrated by many colour photographs. It has an English summary and extensive list of references.

ISBN 961-6101-05-6

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