Mario Pleničar, Bojan Ogorelec, Matevž Novak (uredniki)

2009, 22 x 27 cm

Price for hard cover: 85,00 EUR
Price for soft cover: 70,00 EUR

This book was written by 32 authors from all Slovenian geological institutes. The book comprehensively describes the geology of Slovenia in 12 chapters written on 600 pages and illustrated with more than 500 colour photos, maps and tables. Each chapter has an extensive list of references, all together more than 2.500 bibliographic units. Both languages Slovene and English run parallel through the entire book. Attached is the new geological map of Slovenia, scale 1: 250.000, by Stanko Buser.

ISBN 978-961-6498-24-1

ISBN 978-961-6498-26-5

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