Geology of Kras

Bogdan Jurkovšek, Blanka Cvetko Tešović, Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek

2013, 21 x 30 cm

Price: 33,00 EUR

The Geology of Kras describes the area of Kras which has a special place among the karst regions in the world as it has given the name to the scientific term karst.

The book is rich with photographs of outcrops, quarries, thin sections, fossils and some architectural features of Kras. Apart from a fully revised geological map, the book includes a number of thematic maps showing the tectonics, mineral resources and palaeogeographic conditions of the environment in which the rocks of Kras have developed, and much more.

The introductory chapters deal in detail with the history of geological investigations of Kras. Further, the reader gets acquainted with the revolutionary biological and geological changes which took part in the history of the Earth, from the vast Permian–Triassic extinction, through the recovery at the beginning of Mesozoic, to the impact of an asteroid at the end of Cretaceous, which turned the evolution of species toward the present. Simultaneously, the movement of lithospheric plates is explained up to the final disintegration of Pangea into single continents and their travelling toward the present position.

The Geology of Kras is a basic scientific publication which can be used by various types of readers and is fully translated into English. A large format with 48 double-sided plates which show all major karst formations will be a welcome addition to the libraries of scientists, experts, students and those who study the geology of Kras from their own personal interest. The book can also be used as a basis for re-consideration of the geological heritage of Kras, its evaluation and protection.

ISBN 978-961-6498-42-5

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