70 geological wonders of Slovenia

Urednika: dr. Nina Rman in dr. Matevž Novak

2016, 14.8 x 21 cm

Price: 24,00 EUR

At the occasion of 70th anniversary of GeoZS a modern guide to some of the most interesting geological sites in Slovenia has been published. Descriptions of 70 geological sites and 6 extraordinary samples in museum collections popularly explain why it is possible in Slovenia to visit the Alps, Pannonian plains and Mediterranean all in only a few hours.

The booklet includes contributions written by 25 authors from three leading Slovenian geological scientific institutes and was edited by Dr. Nina Rman in Dr. Matevž Novak from GeoZS. The descriptions of selected Slovenian geological sites are illustrated with excellent photographs and figures.

Some of the described points are located close to roads or mountain, education and tourist routes and are equipped with information panels and other educational material. For easier recognition of the described geological phenomena there are symbols printed near the photograph of each phenomenon that explain its meaning and usefulness.

Za zahtevnejše bralce je ob vsaki opisani točki pripravljen izbor poljudne in strokovne literature, še pomembnejši pa je prvi nazorni pregled javnih in registriranih zasebnih geoloških zbirk v Sloveniji.

For more demanding readers there is a list of popular and scientific references printed with each point. Even more important, however, is an overview of public and registered private geological collections in Slovenia.

This guide is intended for a wide circle of nature fans of all ages, mountaineers and tourists. It is both a valuable source of geological information and a tourist guide for so called geotourists.

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ISBN 978-961-6498-46-3

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