Building Ecosystem Integration Labs at HEI to foster Smart Specialization and Innovation on Sustainable Raw Materials (HEI4S3-RM)

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Programme EIT Higher Education Innovate Initiative - EIT HEI
Project duration 07/2022–06/2024
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HEI4S3- RM is carried out within the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) HEI (Higher education institutions) Initiative and links 6 HEI and 3 non-academic partners. The project is coordinated by the Universidad de Oviedo. The project was created to strengthen innovation capacity building in Europe and aim for long-term sustainable development by using the idea of circular economy to modernise the raw materials and mining sectors. The project aims to strengthen partnerships between universities, companies and research institutions by developing an innovative pathway for entrepreneurial universities.

The new operational framework will be introduced through Ecosystem Integration Labs (EILs), which will be developed and implemented by each participating university. The EILs will determine the focus of the planned innovation and entrepreneurship projects, Talent labs and open innovation and training programmes.

Project outcomes will contribute to the strategic objectives and missions of at least three EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs): EIT Digital, EIT Climate and EIT RawMaterials, including the vision of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme.