Title - Pilot Geothermal Power Plant on an Existing Gas Well Pg-8, pilot project
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Programme EEA Grants and corresponding Slovenian contribution
Project duration 1. 5. 2022 - 30. 4. 2024
GeoZS role in the project Partner
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The aim of the project Si-Geo-Electricity is to increase the production of renewable energy by exploiting the potential of geothermal energy available in Slovenia. Main project result is an innovative pilot geothermal power plant with the capacity of 50 kW operating on the basis of a patented Slovenian technology of extraction of geothermal energy of unproductive oil and gas wells with the use of a geothermal gravity heat pipe.

The pilot project serves as a demonstration project showcasing good practice and promotes increased use of geothermal energy. It is based on the use of a completely new method of electricity generation with a geothermal gravity heat pipe (Slovenian patent). A special feature of the geothermal gravity heat pipe is the closed refrigerant circuit which requires only one dry well to operate. Thus, the power plant does not produce greenhouse gas emissions as opposed to conventional binary cycle geothermal power plants’ fluid circulation which requires the injection well and a reinjection well. The pilot project, which is planned to be implemented in municipality of Lendava, builds on exploitation of an existing unproductive Pg-8 well. The pilot geothermal power plant with zero carbon footprint contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the project helps strengthen knowledge and acquire new experience and capacities in the field of geothermal energy exploitation, both in Slovenia and at the wider European level, and is an interesting demo concept for donor states as well. It provides the basis for existing and future partnerships that connect research findings with companies and organizations able to operationalize this knowledge to achieve the set goals of decarbonization.

Project promoter is Hydropower company Dravske elektrarne Maribor, Ltd while project partners are Petrol Geo, production of hydrocarbons, Ltd, University of Maribor and Geological Survey of Slovenia.

Total eligible project expenditure are 900,210.98 EUR with project grant 732,573.70 EUR.