Grain boundaries engineered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets (RECO2MAG)

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Programme EIT RawMaterials
Project duration 01/2022–12/2023
GeoZS role in the project Project partner
GeoZS contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RECO2MAG aims to leverage the latest research on optimising permanent magnet (PM) microstructures through novel grain boundary processing to produce resource-efficient sintered Nd-Fe-B PMs with lower dysprosium (Dy) content and improved energy products that can be used in novel electric motors. As part of the project, a life-cycle analysis (LCA) and life-cycle cost analysis (LCC) of the developed permanent magnets will be performed.

GeoZS is responsible for preparing an updated analysis of the availability of rare earth elements (REE) for use in the production of permanent magnets in Southeast Europe. This study will identify potential deposits (REE) and connect them with developers of processing technologies, potential processors and users, helping to further reduce imports and ensure more sustainable and independent production of permanent magnets in Europe.