5th Iah ceg conference

"Making groundwater in the
danube region visible"

5. – 7. October 2022 – Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

About the 5th iah ceg conference

Making groundwater in the danube basin visible

Slovenian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists invites you to the 5th IAH CEG Conference, which will be held in Rogaška Slatina from 5th to 7th of October 2022.

The theme of the conference is “MAKING GROUNDWATER IN THE DANUBE BASIN VISIBLE”. The topic of groundwater will be highlighted this year as the theme of World Water Day 2022 is “Groundwater – making the invisible visible”.

around rogaška slatina

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grand hotel sava superior
zdraviliški trg 6
3250 rogaška slatina

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